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Some business intelligence links I revisit and send to others

I need to get some chores done, but instead I am cleaning up my bookmarks and re-reading bookmarked articles. Hopefully this is beneficial for you, since you now get to have a small collection of useful links. These are just a small sample of articles that I find myself going back to either for my own reference or to send to a client or colleague.

Indexing The Data Warehouse by Michelle A. Poolet; 06/30/2008

Importing Multiple Flat Files with SSIS by Amit Singh; 04/06/2010

SSIS: Case-sensitivity in Lookup component by Jamie Thomson; 02/12/2008

Removing Identical Duplicate Rows by William Assaf; 02/21/2012

When to Use NVARCHAR by Melinda Cole; 09/09/2011

The Data Quality Audit by Michael L. Gonzales; 06/10/2004

SSAS 2008R2 Performance Guide from SQLCAT

Passing SSRS T-SQL values to SSRS MDX Parameters by Patrick LeBlanc; 12/01/2010

Color Has Meaning by Juice Analytics

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