I like to present at conferences and user group meetings. I post presentation materials here for those that are interested.

Recent Presentations

Building a Regret-free Foundation for your Data Factory

Practical Application of Storytelling Techniques in Power BI (January 2021)

Inclusive Presentation Design, Handout (November 2020)

Power BI: Where Should My Data Live? (July 2019)

Creating Accessible Power BI Reports (Sept 2019)

Someone got Power BI in my Teams! (June 2019)

Practical Power BI Report Design Tips for the Non-Artist (May 2019)

Moving and Transforming Data with Azure Data Factory V2 (November 2019)

Do Your Data Visualizations Need A Makeover? (May 2019)

Older Presentations

Up Close and Personal with Tabular SSAS DMVs (March 2017)

An Approach to Data Visualization in Power BI (Jan 2017)

Building Your ETL Framework with BIML (May 2016)

Overcoming Chartaphobia: Moving Your Organization Toward Interesting and Enlightening Data Viz, Data Viz Documentation Examples (Aug 2016)

Who Needs SSAS When You’ve Got SQL (July 2016)

Why Data Viz Matters for All Data Professionals

There May Be No Free Lunch But You Can Have Free Training

Don’t Miss Out On Excel Cube Functions, Cube Function Demo (May 2014)

The Accidental Report Designer: Data Visualization Best Practices in SSRS (June 2015)

What’s New In Power BI (12 Jan 2016)

Somebody Got Bids Helper in My Data Tools (BIDS Helper Version 1.7)

Choose Your Own Geospatial Mapping Adventure (Jan 2015)

Building Dashboards in PerformancePoint (December 2014)

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