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I’m speaking at SQL Saturday #197

sqlsat197 speakerI’m excited to be speaking at SQL Saturday #197 in Omaha on April 6, 2013.  If you are in the Omaha area (or can get there), I would love for you to attend.  SQL Saturdays are a great opportunity for free training on my favorite technologies. I’m fairly new to speaking at SQL Saturdays (this will be my third time).  There will also be some great, more experienced speakers at SQL Saturday #197, including: Bill Pearson, Kevin Bowles, Chris Schmidt, Bill Fellows, Chris Shaw.

This time I have decided to switch things up and speak about Building Dashboards in PerformancePoint. Here’s the description:

PerformancePoint can be a useful tool for delivering a dashboard to users through SharePoint. The data visualizations for your dashboard can come from PerformancePoint, Excel Services, Reporting Services, or a web page. Understanding the features and limitations of these sources of data visualizations can help you create a dashboard that best meets your users’ needs.

I’m not sure about the future of PerformancePoint, but I have implemented several dashboards in PerformancePoint lately. As with any technology used for dashboard design, I think it’s important to understand the effects of our design decisions on the user experience and on ease of maintenance and enhancements.

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Some business intelligence links I revisit and send to others

I need to get some chores done, but instead I am cleaning up my bookmarks and re-reading bookmarked articles. Hopefully this is beneficial for you, since you now get to have a small collection of useful links. These are just a small sample of articles that I find myself going back to either for my own reference or to send to a client or colleague.

Indexing The Data Warehouse by Michelle A. Poolet; 06/30/2008

Importing Multiple Flat Files with SSIS by Amit Singh; 04/06/2010

SSIS: Case-sensitivity in Lookup component by Jamie Thomson; 02/12/2008

Removing Identical Duplicate Rows by William Assaf; 02/21/2012

When to Use NVARCHAR by Melinda Cole; 09/09/2011

The Data Quality Audit by Michael L. Gonzales; 06/10/2004

SSAS 2008R2 Performance Guide from SQLCAT

Passing SSRS T-SQL values to SSRS MDX Parameters by Patrick LeBlanc; 12/01/2010

Color Has Meaning by Juice Analytics

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Links on data visualization best practices in SSRS

I compiled a great list of links on data visualization and SSRS tips in the process of creating my presentation for SQL Saturday #159 and #165. Happy reading!

My favorite Perceptual Edge/Stephen Few blog posts:

Articles on Graph Choices:

SSRS Tips:

Design Tips: