Webucator Made a Video of My Blog Post

Back in July, I wrote a blog post about My Favorite BIDS Helper features for SSAS development. Webucator contacted me about creating a video based upon it, and it’s now available.  They are doing a free series called SQL Server Solutions from the Web where they highlight different SQL Server solutions found on blog posts around the web, and I’m pleased and honored that my blog is included.

Webucator provides technical and business training via private classes for your organization, public classes in a live virtual environment, and self-paced online programs. They are a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions, and they offer several classes on SQL Server, including SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS.

Without further ado, here’s the video for My Favorite BIDS Helper Features for SSAS Development:

You can check out another blog post that Webucator made into a video here. The post by Koen Verbeeck is a great explanation of why it’s important to be aware of the defaults in T-SQL windowing functions.

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