3 Things My Employer Does That Helped Me Work While Depressed

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Last Updated 4 May 2023

Note: I do not have expertise in mental health. I do not have expertise to review studies linked below for validity. Some links are not peer reviewed studies and are simply blogs that I thought offered a good explanation of concepts. I am including these links to explain concepts referenced in my presentation and to provide more details for those that would like to learn more. This information is provided as-is. No warranty or representation of any kind is made, given or implied as to the sufficiency or fitness for purpose nor as to the absence of any infringement of any proprietary rights of third parties.

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Presentation Recap

The 3 practices that helped me work while depressed are:

  • Autonomy and flexible schedules
  • Management models healthy behavior
  • Supporting authenticity and vulnerability

Autonomy and Flexible Schedules

Autonomy in the Workplace: Why It Matters and How to Foster It
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Management Models Healthy Behavior

Managers, Encourage Your Team to Take Time Off
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Unlimited Paid Time Off Policies: Unlocking the Best and Unleashing the Beast
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5 ways to improve employee mental health
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Supporting Authenticity and Vulnerability

How to be a vulnerable and authentic leader (and increase employee engagement)
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Why We Need To Be More Authentic And Vulnerable In The Workplace
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