The Microsoft Data Platform community has enriched my career through lots of learning and even job opportunities. Here are some of the ways that I have contributed to the community:

Author or Coauthor:
Let Her Finish: Voices from the Data Platform
SSRS 2016 mobile reports (via BlueGranite, Jan 2017)

Stories From The Trenches: Volume 2 from the Let Them Finish series
Planning a Power BI Enterprise Deployment whitepaper V1 and V2

User Groups:
Active member: Mile Hi Power BI User Group
Active member: Denver SQL User Group
I was the VP of Events for the Denver SQL User Group for 2017 – 2018.

I co-organized six SQL Saturdays: SQL Saturday Denver #673 and #774 and SQL Saturday Kansas City #s 159,  191, 300, 444,  and 548.

I answer questions on Stack Overflow and occasionally on DBA Stack Exchange.

I participate on the Power BI forums and vote for new features in the Ideas section.

I blog on my personal site and published content on the BlueGranite blog when I worked there. My personal site is syndicated on SQL Server Central.

I tweet about SQL, BI, and analytics.

I post useful scripts on Gist.

I speak at conferences:

I present to user groups and virtual chapters:

I give webinars:

I speak at SQL Saturdays: